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EntraQuick® PU 30 Crash Test

The fencing industry is highly specialized, with most fencers experiencing the same set of challenges. Perhaps the greatest of these challenges is the limited growth potential of traditional fence product portfolios. This lack of diversification not only restricts business expansion but also hinders the ability to meet evolving client needs. What’s more, it’s causing many traditional fencing operations to lose out to specialized providers who exclusively focus on high security solutions.

In this changing landscape, it has never been more important to work with a partner that understands both fencing and security, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation to deliver new business opportunities.

Learn How You Can Grow Profits by Expanding Your Security Offerings


EntraQuick® II

A practical and compact alternative to sliding gates, offering maximum safety with light barriers and safety contact strips.

EntraQuick® PU 30
The high-security folding gate that goes beyond protection, providing maximum impact resistance against vehicles of up to pickup truck size.
Tracked Gate M50
The toughest passage blocker for critical infrastructure access, combining sliding gate advantages with wedge barrier impact resistance.

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Barrier1 Systems offers fence dealers and installers the opportunity to grow their business and maximize profits with an expanded portfolio of products that includes folding gates, high security gates, and vehicle barrier systems.

Our wide range of vehicle barrier products delivers a range of functionalities, from access control to high-security vehicle barriers, providing you with the perimeter protection solutions you need to expand your product offering beyond traditional fences. This helps keep you competitive with customers who are increasingly seeking more robust, field proven security solutions.   

We’re also more than just a manufacturer of premium products. Barrier1 provides in-depth education and training to reseller partners, empowering you with the expertise to confidently offer and deploy our solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that you are well-prepared to excel in all aspects of the sales and installation processes.

With Barrier1 by your side, you can increase sales by offering existing and new customers a comprehensive hostile vehicle mitigation and perimeter security solution.


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The Barrier1 Difference

Barrier1 Systems has been an innovator and physical security market leader in anti-vehicle solutions since 2006. All of our products are designed and made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality controls, surpassing the procedures and standards approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our fixed and mobile quick folding gates meet UL 325 standards and address the necessary safety concerns and requirements needed for the automatic operation of all vehicular gates.

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Partners in Perimeter Protection

Boost customer confidence and trust by partnering with the industry leader in perimeter-hardening physical security barriers. Barrier1 provides not only exceptional products, but also education, training, and support. Our goal is to equip you with the expertise you need to expand your offerings and capitalize on new sales and growth opportunities.

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Wide Range of Solutions

Whether your customers are looking for a bi-folding gate, tracked sliding gate, high-security folding gate, or any other alternative to sliding gates at their front entrance, Barrier1 has you covered. Our comprehensive range of vehicle barrier solutions ensures seamless integration with your existing offerings for complete outdoor perimeter protection. With Barrier1, you can confidently provide your clients with a one-stop-shop, turnkey solution to best ensure their safety and peace of mind.

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