How to Use Vehicle Barriers for Crowd and Temporary Event Safety

Following an incident like the 2021 vehicle attack on the Waukesha Christmas parade or the 2016 Berlin Christmas market truck attack that killed 12 and injured 56 others, often the first question asked is, “What could have been done to prevent such an incident?”. Mobile vehicle barriers and their complementary crowd safety functions provide a simple answer.

Mobile Vehicle Barriers for Events

Mobile vehicle barrier systems are, at their core, designed to thwart both intentional and accidental vehicle ramming incidents. Their fast and easy to install nature makes them well suited to a number of temporary events that require protection. This includes holiday markets, street festivals, parades, outdoor concerts, campaign rallies, sporting events, and other occasions where foot traffic is present but not permanent. In such events, temporary vehicle barriers serve as an effective perimeter, keeping vehicles away from central activity while maintaining the vibrant and communal spirit of the event.

Temporary Crowd Safety Barriers

While vehicle barrier systems are known for their anti-ram vehicle barrier capabilities, they also perform as portable crowd safety barriers. This dual functionality is particularly important during crowded events, where such solutions can simultaneously guide the flow of foot traffic while diverting pedestrians away from vehicular traffic and other potentially dangerous areas. The versatility of these solutions proves instrumental in maintaining order, ensuring the safety of event attendees, and creating well-defined spaces within dynamic environments.

4 Proven Solutions for Temporary Event Safety

Barrier1 Systems is a leading provider of crash rated mobile vehicle barrier systems for temporary events. We offer a range of solutions that can be set up and removed quickly for effortless event security. Here is a selection of products we would suggest for those seeking temporary event barricades:

  • Sidewinder Quick Connect Barrier: These sleek and secure solutions span up to 55 feet, pulling double duty as both anti-ram vehicle barrier solutions and event crowd safety barriers. Perfect for public roads that experience frequent closures for street festivals and seasonal markets, the Sidewinder Quick Connect barriers are easy to operate with minimal maintenance.
  • Stinger Modular Mobile Barrier: The Stinger Modular Mobile Barrier (PAS68) is a low-cost portable vehicle barrier solution. Ideal for concerts, sporting events, parades, and temporary gatherings, this modular system adjusts to fit various site and roadway widths. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and can be accomplished by a single person without the need for tools.
  • Abrams Mobile Wedge Barrier: For the highest level of mobile protection against vehicle ramming incidents, the Abrams Mobile M30 Hydraulic Wedge Barrier serves as a great solution for parade barricades and street gatherings. Even with its heavy-duty body, this solution can be easily towed into position and relocated while still providing provisioning for necessary traffic such as emergency vehicles.
  • Avenger Manual Surface Set Swing Only Drop Arm: The Avenger Manual Surface Set Swing Only Drop Arm is a Department of Defense approved anti-ram vehicle barrier, certified to stop a 15,000 lbs. vehicle impact at speeds of 50 mph. The surface-set design allows for quick setup and avoids underground utilities, making it ideal for high-traffic temporary events in urban areas and was even utilized during the 2023 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony to provide robust security for the festive event.


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