5 Ways to Grow Your Fencing Business with Vehicle Barriers

There are many conventional ways that fencing companies can increase revenues through advertising, community involvement, client contacts and more, but without extending their product portfolio beyond fences, the market reach and potential for supplemental revenue diminishes.

By introducing high-security vehicle barriers into their product portfolio, fence contractors and commercial sales companies can cultivate new sales opportunities with a proven solution for sustainable, long-term growth. Here’s how:

  1. Expand Your Product Offering 
    Wooden, vinyl, and chain link fences remain the core offerings of a fence installer. However, introducing high security vehicle barrier systems into your product portfolio allows you to tap into a much wider range of potential customers. Once perceived as products for specialized high-security applications, vehicle barrier systems are becoming a new security and safety imperative to protect organizations and municipalities against both accidental and intentional ramming incidents, as we are commonly seeing in news reports across the country every day. Expanding your portfolio of perimeter protection products with vehicle barrier systems allows you to capitalize on the growing demand for brute force protection. 


  2. Offer Solutions vs. Products 
    By including crash-rated vehicle barriers as a service offering, you can reposition your business as a perimeter security solutions provider – not just a fence installer. This distinct specialization sets you apart from traditional fence installers with whom you compete for projects by better positioning your business to meet the emerging needs of the market with comprehensive perimeter protection solutions. Offering a one-stop shop for fencing and vehicle barrier products can help secure more sales with new customers. 


  3. Penetrate New Markets 
    Engaging in product diversification and solutions specialization also enables you to expand into new markets that have previously not required traditional fencing. Take temporary events for example. Community events such as street festivals, parades, outdoor markets, sporting events, and more have a need for mobile vehicle barrier systems that provide temporary protection against vehicle ramming events. Critical infrastructure and government buildings similarly require high security, crash-rated gates to protect their valuable assets. With each additional vehicle barrier product you offer, you cater to a new, distinct audience, increasing your sales potential to specialized audiences and applications. 


  4. Deliver Field-Proven Solutions 
    Vehicle barrier systems are a proven deterrent and preventive measure against ramming incidents, but not all vehicle barriers are created equally. Crash rated vehicle barriers are tested against standards approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ensuring that these solutions deliver the levels of protection required for their intended application. In fact, crash rated barriers are currently deployed at many of the world’s most prolific venues like the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Camp Fuji, and San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center to name a few. 
  5. Form Strategic Partnerships 
    Working with a trusted partner in the vehicle barrier industry creates the opportunity for more leads by enhancing credibility, creating new relationships, and expanding reach. And with shared marketing resources, such as exciting product videos and case studies, industry partnerships increase brand visibility and, subsequently, generate new sales opportunities. 

Barrier1 Systems wants to be that partner, providing the crash rated vehicle barrier products, education, and training you need to confidently offer and deploy comprehensive outdoor perimeter protection. We offer the broadest portfolio of vehicle barrier solutions in the industry, along with a team of highly experienced experts who are dedicated to ensuring that you are well-prepared to excel in all aspects of the sales and installation processes.   

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