High-Security Bollards for Gas Stations and C-Stores

Field Proven Bollards Better Protect People, Property and Assets, and Reduce Liability

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A car crashing through the front entrance of a convenience store is, unfortunately, not uncommon. In fact, according to the Storefront Safety Council, storefront crashes occur more than 100 times each day across America, resulting in as many as 16,000 injuries and 2600 deaths annually. Extrapolate this data and that comes out to over 43 injuries and more than 7.1 fatalities a day caused by a vehicle crashing into a retail establishment.

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Securing the Pump: Expert Insights on High-Security Bollards for Gas Station and C-Store Protection

Many c-store owners and CEOs often dismiss the possibility that a convenience store crash could happen to them – until it does.  

In 2017, a widely-recognized chain convenience store experienced
a tragic “pedal error” accident when a distracted driver’s vehicle surged forward, pinning a customer’s legs against the store’s front.
The subsequent settlement resulted in an eye-watering $91 million settlement in favor of the victim. 

Following an incident like the one outlined above, many are led to ask, “What could have been done to prevent such an accident?” 
The answer is rather quite simple – Barrier1 Bollards.

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How Installing Crash-Rated Bollards Can Save $91 Million

Barrier1 Systems provides high quality, crash-rated security bollards that prevent vehicle ramming accidents before they happen. By investing in these simple, yet effective, convenience store security solutions, c-store owners can both protect their customers from bodily harm and themselves from the costly liability associated with storefront crashes.


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The Barrier1 Difference

Barrier1 Systems has been an innovator and physical security market leader in anti-vehicle solutions since 2006. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA with the quality you would expect from an American-made product. Our products and designs adhere to procedures and standards approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials and we hold 11 US patents across our comprehensive barrier portfolio. With over 40,000+ barriers deployed across the globe, our mobile and fixed barrier options are the guardian of protection that you can trust.

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Crash Rating Matters!

Barrier1 provides bollards that are crash tested and rated to ASTM F3016 S10/P1 all the way up to ASTM F2656 M50/P1. That will cover you against impacts from a 5,000-pound pickup truck travelling at 10 mph up to and including a 15,000-pound medium duty truck travelling at 50 mph. Installing ASTM tested and rated bollards matters when it comes to protecting your convenience store, as failure to deploy a tested and rated bollard will ultimately fail to adequately protect your business.

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At Barrier1, we put thought into both the form and function of our high-security bollards. That’s why we offer bollards in a variety of types, designs, and colors to match the aesthetic of your storefront. Our thermoplastic bollard covers are available in a variety of colors with custom colors available for larger quantities. Retroreflective striping can also be added for extra safety and visibility. Our team is happy to work with you to find the right bollard solution that fits your design and security requirements.

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