NATSO Connect 2024 Graphic

Barrier1 Showcases High-Security Bollards
for Truck Stops and Travel Centers at NATSO 2024
Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers Thwart Vehicle Ramming Incidents and Costly Liabilities

Orlando, FL (February 14, 2024) – Barrier1 Systems, the industry leader in perimeter-hardening physical security vehicle barriers, invites NATSO Connect 2024 attendees to interact with their range of crash-rated security bollards at booth #219, February 20-22 at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort. Vehicle barrier experts will be positioned alongside the company’s storefront bollards to communicate the value of anti-ram vehicle barrier solutions as they apply to truck stops and the travel center industry.

“Travel centers, truck stops, and gas stations invest heavily in traditional security systems to keep their customers safe, but may not always be thinking about the risks and liabilities that occur when a vehicle slams into a storefront,” said Mark Borto, CEO, Barrier1. “From personal injury to unforeseen downtime and higher insurance premiums, our field-proven solutions address these unforeseen threats.”

Barrier1 Systems provides high quality, crash-rated security bollards that prevent vehicle ramming accidents before they happen. By investing in these simple, yet effective security solutions,  truck stop business owners can protect their customers from bodily harm and themselves from the costly liabilities associated with storefront crashes.

Unlike conventional bollards available today, Barrier1 safety bollards undergo rigorous crash testing and meet the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Barrier1 offers bollards that are crash tested and rated F3016 S10/P1 all the way up to ASTM F2656 M50/P1. That will cover you against impacts from a 5,000lb pickup truck traveling at 10mph up to a 15,000lb medium duty truck traveling at 50mph.

NATSO Connect attendees can stop by booth #219 to see the Tomcat S10-P1 Storefront Bollard, a crash-rated bollard designed to stop a 5,000lb vehicle traveling at 10mph. Tailored to provide enhanced safety in high-traffic, low-speed locales, including retail locations, fast food restaurants, banks, and sidewalks, the Tomcat S10 ensures pedestrian well-being is a top priority.

Also on display is the Tomcat S30 Storefront Bollard (crash test pending) , capable of halting a 5,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph, making it an essential tool for areas with increased security and safety needs. As with other Barrier1 products, the Tomcat S30 is designed for easy retrofitting with same day excavation and installation.

Barrier1 Systems’ complete range of safety bollards are available in a variety of types, designs, and colors, ensuring consistent levels of performance and quality that seamlessly match storefront aesthetics. The dedicated team at Barrier1 Systems is available for collaboration and committed to finding the ideal bollard solution that meets an organization’s specific design and security requirements.

For more information about Barrier1’s product offerings, please visit or visit us at NATSO Connect 2024 booth #219.